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What lessons can a young person learn on the road today?

What illusions will be lost, and what wisdom gained, in pursuit of a purpose in life?

Would-be adventurer Russell Pinske hits the road to find out.

Ever since graduating from culinary school in Cincinnati, Russell has been sleepwalking through dead-end jobs and dead-end relationships. To shake things up he sells everything he canít carry and catches a ride westward, ultimate destination unknown. First stop: his Indiana hometown, where he can relax with friends in familiar surroundings before continuing on.

But Door Prairie, a rust-belt town on the southern shore of Lake Michigan, isnít the placid retreat of his childhood memories. The community is torn over a plan to turn the town into a resort destination, a controversy that has even caused trouble in the marriage of Russellís friends. From a rough start, things just get rougher. Russell stumbles through the summer on his wayward journey of self-discovery, getting involved with a gang of petty crooks who court disaster with their misbegotten capers, and falling into a romance with an older woman who has settled for less than what she wanted out of life.

He bounces from one impetuous impulse to another and gets wrapped up in the problems and preoccupations of the people around him. His motivation for this trip begins to wane as he becomes mired in small town life. When an old friend cruises into town on his way to California, traveling under mysterious circumstances, Russell sees a chance to keep moving. Now if he can extricate himself from all of his entanglements he can get back on the road and back on track.

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