Robert Turner

lived the first seventeen years of his life in La Porte, Indiana, on the southern shore of Lake Michigan, then moved to West Lafayette, Indiana, to attend Purdue University.

Before long, he succumbed to a latent wanderlust and hit the road, notebook in hand, to record his experiences. He traveled throughout the Midwest and West, keeping himself going with a variety of jobs: washing cars, picking fruit, bussing tables and dispatching aircraft at a flight training school.

In Seattle, he found work as an editor. Once settled, he sifted through his notebooks from the road — sketches of characters, situations and themes. He began to fictionalize the people and stories he had encountered, working them into a narrative to depict the ways people seek meaning in largely rootless lives.

The Grand March is his first novel. Robert Turner at Martello Tower in Dublin, where James Joyce briefly lived and where the first chapter of Ulysses is set.
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